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CAS latency vs price

Friends, I need help with memory.

How does latency times really affect perfromance? Im builidng a computer to be used solely for video editing. Im a fan of Corsair Vengeance, so Im gonna link 3 products:

CAS 9-9-9-24 $75

CAS 8-8-8-24 $105

CAS 7-8-8-24 $140

So, basically the second product has the latencys lower 1 point for extra $30, and the 3rd product has the first timing latency 1 point lower for more extra $35.
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  1. Anything 9-9-9 and under at 1600MHz is acceptable. I would say rather go for 1866MHz RAM with 9-9-9 timings, that is the sweet spot.
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    the three numbers are the Row or column timings the last number is the recovery time to process the column or row. Those are relatively the same across the board, from what I just read.
    It is like buying into an 18mp camera over a 13mp. Under a very few applications you will be able to see it.
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