Active mini DP to dvi adapter and eyefinity bezel correction

I don't know wether it has been pointed out before or it even may be common knowledge but it seems that the Accell active mini DP to dvi adapter prevents EDID from being transmitted properly to the computer.

I have been through many cables trying to get my eyefinity setup to work and when I thought I would never get bezel correction working I removed my mini DP to dvi adapter and just used the second dvi connection on my 6970 and presto the bezel correction works and the monitor shows up in a EDID viewer correctly.

This could be a flaw in the design or it just might not be possible to fix but it should at least warrant a warning somewhere.

There might even be a warning somewhere but I didnt see anything on their website or the packaging.

I may have just had a dud adapter but everything else works fine so I dont think so.

Anyway I felt that this should be pointed out and if anyone has had a different results then please say so.
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  1. I don't quite understand what you are saying sorry.

    However, in terms of bezel compensation on eyefinity you need to ensure that all three monitors are identical, or that the computer at least thinks they are identical (this means flashing the EDID of whichever is not), for CCC to offer the bezel option.
  2. I was trying to offer a warning that active mini dp to dvi adapters could be a problem for some people.

    All of the stuff I read before setting up my eyefinity setup suggested using mini dp to dvi adapter for the third monitor but like I said the adapter could then cause problems with bezel correction.

    I have 3 identical dell u2311's so its definitely an adapter problem.

    The adapter was actually blocking the monitor edid from getting to the computer as I found using a edid viewer.
  3. Ahh OK. I've never heard of that particular issue before, although some people have said that they have had to try several adaptors before finding one that works.
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