MSI Z77A-GD65 - what's the straight scoop

i keep coming back to this board. i've looked at gigabyte, asus, asrock, but this one has the things i want. dvi, intel lan, enough usb, enough sata.

i don't like via chips so gigabyte is out. asus, i like the v deluxe but that's overkill. asrock is an unknown to me, looks good tho. i'm a long time gigabyte user, built hundreds of clients using them back when i worked for a living. it's hard for me to change but my dislike of via chips is so strong that i won't buy one.

i'll be running;

16 gig corsair vengence pc12800
samsung 256gb ssd
some 1tb WD blacks
650 watt seasonic PSU
most likely an EVGA gtx 650
win 7 64 bit ultimate

i don't game beyond hearts

real owners, what is your experience with this board. i'm interested in speed, durability, and reliability. thanks
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  1. Just would like to say... I have this board and its awesome... Have it at a constant 4.6GHz OC and perfectly stable.

    And I have lost trust in MSI since the whole overvolting of the GTX660ti and GTX670...
  2. just got this email, and i posted answer before:

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    lads, i didn't get an answer. i guess no one owns this board. so admin, just do whatever you want with this thread, there is no answer given to the question. thanx
  3. unless that changed, but the Asus z68 boards have VIA in it. I saw the stamp on mine
  4. i finally settled on the asrock oc formula
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