6870 freeze in games, maybe voltage.

Hey guys, im having some problems with my new PC builded by me.

CPU: AMD Phenom X4 965 @ 3.4GHZ
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 6870
PSU: Corsair GS600
HDD: WD Caviar Black 500GB

(No Overlock)

The problem is when im playing (MW2. BC2) the pc freezes, and i have to restart it.

This is what i've done at moment:

- Updating drivers of mobo, bios and graphics
- Reinstalling OS
- Clean regisry, desfrag hdd, etc.
- Make me crazy LOL

Now, i think is voltage problem. Im using Trixx to increase the VCORE to 1.30v (i think is the maximun) and now it seems to be fixed, but one hour later it freezes again.

This is a HWMonitor image, please tellme if something is wrong:

As i said, only freezes when im gaming.
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  1. Please help?
  2. ronnypunk said:
    Please help?

    if resetting everything to default factory setting or reference setting doesnt help, u need to RMA

    RMA is the last resource, i want try to fix it :sarcastic:
  3. Quote:
    undervolt ? reverting drivers?
    there's not much u can do if the silicon is indeed fried

    I have zero idea bout voltage, can u tell me the appropiate voltage of my pc parts? specially CPU, GPU and Mobo :ange:
  4. Quote:
    u adjusted it before, rite?
    for mobo, just reset BIOS, and 6870 default GPU voltages are 1.175V , according to this site
    if the OS or game freezes, it could be a faulty Hard Disk as well, disk check yet?
    are the freezes limited to MW2 and BC 2 only?

    Thanks 4 answer, I desfragmented my HDD with TuneUp, used the "sfc scannow" in cmd, 0 errors. MW2 and BC2 and Black Ops, all three. Maybe RAM? Maybe PSU?
  5. Quote:
    PSU shouldnt be an issue, what u have is a really good PSU, good enough for 6870 CFX I reckon,
    any other games?
    u can try picking the RAM out one by one, switching DIMMs

    Done, problem still. Im pretty sure that is the graphic card. :sarcastic: Because if the vcore is increased, the freezes takes longer.
    Its my PSU compatible with my graphic?
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