Phenom II x4 960T Temps

So, New build, less than 1 month old. The temps reported by Speedfan and HWmonitor about the "Cores" of my processor differ from the value given by the motherboard, as in the board gives a higher reading than the cores.
Here's what i mean

It's a 960T on an ASRock 970 Extreme 3 mobo and an HD 6950.
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  1. Hey, Its probably a faulty Heat censer in the CPU, what ever way you decide to check the temps, id go with the program which give the most consistent and reasonable temps (low temps on idle, high temps on load).
  2. I have built 5 AMD Athlon II & Phenom II systems and none reported realistic core temps. The PC I am typing this on reports cores at 15C around 5C below room temp and like yours around 15C below the CPUTIN. I suggest you ignore the cores and use the CPUTIN (sensor on motherboard).
  3. Im worried because my old first gen Phenom machine doesn't show this symptom. And partially because i want to try my luck at unlocking again ;)
    Because if this is a faulty temp sensor i may be able to get an exchange lol
  4. If you unlock cores it sends the core sensors crazy anyway so you can only use the CPUTIN. My unlocked Phenom II shows all cores at 0C and my brothers at -50C or something.
  5. I cant even unlock mine ._. i guess i got a dud. Did your core temps report correctly before you unlock though?
  6. Still, im wondering, which temp should i trust?
  7. No I have found core temps to generally be totally wrong
  8. Use your Core temps as a guide more than telling you the actual temp.
  9. so the core temp is supposed to be lower than the reading given by the motherboard?
  10. I'ts the same for me, i just see that the CPU temp doesnt rise to 60C and all is well, i ignore core temp completely.
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