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GPU overheat, thermal compound problem?

hi all,

recently, my PC just shut down when i'm playing games, so as usual i suspected the fan got clogged with dust,
thus i cleaned my gfx card n make sure no dust etc.

but then after i play games, i noticed the temp rise up to 110++ Celsius quickly
the weird thing is that the fan is spinning strongly (not wobbly), so the fan is still okay i guess
then i touched the heatsink, its not hot at all
but the card is quite hot

so i suspected that the thermal compound not transferring the heat to the heatsink properly
is that right? what else could cause this problem?

as for now im already ordering this thermal compound, is it good enough?,Ma...php?prod=315326

oh n FYI, my card is ATI HD 4850 and i've been using it for 4 years now (with frequent gaming)
is it the right time to change the thermal compound?

any help/tips are appreciated
cheers :)
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    Both are good and will do very well also be sure to clean your card to lower those temps.
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    ur Massage looks like that ur Sink is loosed by any reason .. thrml cmpnd will b required bt check the clips or screws of sink b4. if the sink is proparly fixed even with less cmpnd it doesnt give such temp. check ,, BTW i had bought 4870 in the back days and its normal temp was 60 to 70 so i sent it back just as i bought it :) these card have alot heat :)
  3. thanks for ur replies :)

    i will try to apply new thermal compound first, n see if it could fix the problem
  4. Try taking side of the case might lower temps slightly.
  5. yeah the thermal compound was so hard like wax ady

    replaced with fresh one
    and my gfx kad never reached 80 celcius :D

    thank u all for ur replies
    god bless

    :na: :na: :na:

    mod close pls, solved.
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