Is 16gb RAM too much for this configuration?

Hi, and thanks for these awesome forums.

Something is confusing/worrying me about the next PC I'm going to buy, that I already ordered and I'm waiting for it to be delivered :ange: . All I know is this is the configuration :

i7 3770K / Geforce GTX 650ti 2GB / 16gb RAM / 2000 GB HDD.

I don't know which motherboard goes with that, or anything else. I'm concerned for the RAM, since I got used to low spec computers, I don't want this new one to overheat in 2-3 years or something. I work/play a lot on computer, I usually shut it down once every 3 days, for the night, the rest of the time it stays on.

I hope anybody who is familiar with this kind of stuff enlightens me on this subject.
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    There aren't very many applications that will use 16GB of ram, but memory right now is pretty cheap, so 16Gb of ram isn't something I'd worry about.

    As long as you have good airflow, and clean the dust out, you shouldn't have problems with overheating.
  2. Hi and thanks for the reply,

    I'm only worried because I've seen friends experiment a lot of memory in some "not so new" computers, which completely destroyed them. ^^
    As for the 16gb, rendering 3d stuff and video editing take so much time, especially interior design renders, so I went for the 16gb instead of 8gb.
  3. yeah get 8gb og ram and invest the remaining money into a better GPU
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