Balanced Build or What

hey all thanks in advance iam well knowledge computer guy thats on a budget but still wana buy a good pc that gona last for long
i came from amd sadly since bulldozer fx-81xx series are meant for servers not desktop altho iam keeping an eye for the fx-41xx series anyway i want ur opinions and they can help me alot what iam basically looking for is the best performace for the lowest price so here goes

P8H61-M LE/USB3 ================> 75
info :
no raid , but okay i wont need it .
umm usb 3.0 support via hack , which is not bad
Supports Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
2 ram slots running at 1333 max, which is fine cause all i want is 8gb cause thats really all i need iam not adjusting to current solution ================> 50

1 pci express 2.0x16 that i wana use i dont know what to put here iam looking for a card
thats operate likes sapphire 6850 - 6970 range i know this is more like a old hersay but i know that
with a intel cpu its best to accompany with it an nvidia gpu i know this myth got debunked but if u know a good graphic card that are between those 2 saphires plz share ================> (140 -150)

cpu = either intel i5 - 2500 or 2400 will this mobo handle it consider its kinda cheap like other h67 or z67
iam not looking to overclock anything i like my stuff to live 10 years with me but will it give the full stock speed of those cores ================> 210

WD Caviar Blue 500 GB = basic hdd maybe sata 2 or 3 depends on which is more cheaper sata controller on mobo is sata 2 which is okay considering its not that much of break through ==========> 40

good power supply unit from good company (450 -500 watt)-------> 70

ook normal case nothing to fancy ---------------------------------> 40

asus cd dvd burner -------------------------------> well this can be left 4 dead i found a gr8 wat to install windows xp OSes from usb flash thumb drive which is pretty neat but it kinda leaves the question that u gona need an already windows installed platform to create this usb thumb drive kinda like who came first the egg or the chicken anway its 20 us dollars but iam able to skip it cause i belive its an old standard

so what u think is it balanced?

*all prices in dollar
*and plz no stupid stuff like if u had 30 more dollars buy this or that i clearly as u see dont have 30 more dollars
*sry for poor english skills look at my name u will understand
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  1. Hi,

    it looks like a decent budget PC. There's no truth to this hearsay you mention about Intel boards wanting an nVidia GPU. The 6800-series should be the best option in your price range. Go for it.
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