Asus motherboard or Gigabyte

I am thinking of buying a new motherboard. I found an asus and a gigabyte cost about the same. I know that it really depends on what model of board your buying from the brand rather than what brand it is alone. So which board is better?



new asus link
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  1. gigabyte better and newer and asus still Z68
  2. Explain why?
  3. z68 use SB and Z77 use Ivy .. which your CPU ???
  4. The edited link was with z77 look at it.
    And I have Ivy bridge
  5. wtf ?? Asus V pro of course .. good vrm
  6. henydiah said:
    wtf ?? Asus V pro of course .. good vrm

    I'm just worried. I've heard a lot of people have gotten a v pro with a bios that doesn't support ivy when they ship it to them and have to rma it to get the bios updated
  7. asus z77 v pro must support ivy .. try goolge for review
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