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Hello. My son dropped his Samsung Netbook from his top bunk in his dorm. No damage except for the keyboard that is broken. It works find with an external keyboard. I bought a OEM replacement keyboard with faceplate attached for $95.
The replacement keyboard came with a new ribbon cable attached, and new touchpad with ribbon cable attached. I installed it but the keyboard isn't working at all. The touchpad works fine. I reseated the keyboard ribbon cable three times but that didn't resolve the issue. I also deleted the keyboard driver and reinstalled it but keyboard still isn't working. Before I replaced the keyboard, you would press a key and multiple characters would be entered. Now no characters are being entered. Anything else I can try? External keyboard still works fine. Keyboard was shipped from Hong Kong so it could have been damaged in shipment, or I could have installed the ribbon cable incorrectly but it only appears to go in, one way, or the damage from the fall could have been where the keyboard connects to the mother board. Any suggestions besides using the netbook with an external keyboard? Thanks, Pam
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  1. I got the keyboard working. I compared it to the original keyboard, and I realized they folded the ribbon cable in the wrong direction on the new keyboard, so I was installing it upside down. I had to bend the ribbon cable in the opposite direction so that it faced the correct way and it's working now. :)
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