INTEL Pentium G620 2,6 GHz/L3 3 MΒ/LGA vs AMD Athlon II X4 631

I will upgrade my PC and I am looking for the best solution in a budget of around 230EURO.

I found the following CPUs:
AMD Athlon II X4 631 Quad Core - 2,6 GHz - Socket FM1 (57EURO)
INTEL Pentium Sandy Bridge G620 - 2,6 GHz - Cache L3 3 MΒ - Socket LGA 1155 (66 EURO)

The page that lists cpus benchmarks reports the first @ 4427 whereas the second @ 2455. How reliable is this Passmark CPU benchmark?

The following config costs 230EURO:
Athlon II X4 631
AsRock A55Pro
16GB RAM (4*GEIL PC Enhance Corsa 4 GΒ DDR3-1333)
SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY Radeon HD 5450 - HDMI - 512 MΒ GDDR3 - PCI-Express 2.0
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  1. the amd bbuild really does make more sense, but i would say to get a quad or tripple core apu so you dont have to bother with discrete graphics, and if you really need dvi, im sure you can find another fm1 board with it
  2. I'm bumping this thread to ask the same question. How reliable are the passmark scores? I have seen benchmarks that show a G630 outperform A6 and A8 in the gaming bracket.
  3. what are you going to run with it?
    because 16gb of ram is too much for a budget (gaming I supposed) pc

    if it is indeed for gaming then my suggestion is just use the 4gb version of the ram and use the spare money to upgrade the graphics card to 6570 or maybe 6670
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