Does Double Install On Fresh Hardware For Windows 7 Still Work? Help!

Hi guys,

Motherboard fried, so got a brand new system, with SSD. However, old xp installation is on the SATA drive. I'm fresh installing Windows 7 Pro from Upgrade media onto the SSD.

What I've done so far:

1. Installed Win 7, (custom option) without entering the product key.

2. Just updated all the drivers and many many many window's updates.

3. Now re-inserted the Win 7 DVD and chose Upgrade.

Will entering the product key work this time? I'd already done it once before and it didn't.

I do have a copy of Win XP with the product key, however, it's for a win32 system, and this Win 7 is 64bit. I'm hoping that having the old sata drive connected, which contains the winXP installation, will somehow atleast validate it, if this double install won't. I don't know...

Help? Advice?
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  1. You need to enter your Windows 7 key, but you don't need to reinstall. Have you tried to activate Windows?
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