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Hi guys.

As a regular here I have never really had any problems. But for some reason, with the change in my offices screening policy, something seems to be trying to load itself, and is repeatedly blocked, right after most of the forum page is up.

I get in, see almost everything, scroll a little, but then the CPU starts chugging and (on one case) I saw the taskbar at the bottom of the browser flicker constantly seeming to try to load a "bestofmedia" file of some sort.

Is there anything that could be REMOTELY considered a game or other software that would be blocked by an office that would prevent the forum from completely loading and force the browser to be shut down by task Manager?

Is there any way to correct this? Can YOU correct this? Or is THG now off my list of worktime......enhansements?
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  1. Hey,

    It should say what server the "file" is loading off of... Is it or or something else?

  2. You'll find a lot of sites get blocked if they have a forum feature as the proxy rules have them marked as 'social networking'. I've not been able to access Toms from work in a loooooong time thanks to this, not even the main page.
  3. Yeah, I am sure that is one thing, but it is quirky, and I was only able to see it when something else was running and I managed to see it flicker on the status bar at the bottom.

    Now I do not get it. I just get an hourglass and the fan starts cranking up. I have to quit by Task Manger. Something that Toms is loading is being blocked (I think) and Toms just will not go on w/o it....

    'sup AV!
  4. Hey,

    Maybe you can ask your tech support to track it down. That would be a pretty hard problem for anyone here at Tom's to find/fix, I would think.

  5. SSH to your home PC and serve it up over VNC. That or a nice phone maybe. I'm looking at something like this to get me onto the job sites and private mail from work. Then again the price of netbooks and 3G cards I might just go for the direct solution.
  6. It would be neat if you could use your cell as a secondary gateway.....

    Just hook it up USB and dial up some 3G! But I doubt that our new big bro.....corporate affiliate would allow something like that. I can't even sneeze w/o admin priveledges.
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