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Hi i am running a MSI k9a2-cf-f v2 mobo and im trying to install a AMD Phenom II X4 960T Black Edition Processor. Im getting a mismatched cpu error upon loading. I assumed it was the bios so i proceeded to upgrade the bios. Ive downloaded the latest bios from msi's site and it comes with an application to use to flash with. (afud4310.exe) Apparently the software isnt compatible with windows 7 x64. Starting to get really frustrated. Ohh and according to msi live update i am running bios v1.8 and from what ive read on other forums that version should run the cpu. Thanks ahead of time :)
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  1. Check the bios and disable any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings and windows firewall before flashing again. I would also write msi tech support for a bios update. I doubt your board covers the 960t; it's too old.
  2. I guess im just going to buy a new mobo and some ddr3. any suggestions?
  3. The cpu i have is a am3 socket. wWill it work with an am3+ mobo?
  4. Yes. If in doubt, just go to the motherboard webpage and select "cpu support" to see what bios version works with your 960t. You may also download the board manual before ordering and read the manufacturer's directions for installing hardware including the ram configurations and bios settings. It's free and only takes 5 minutes.
  5. Awesome man thanks for the info. Much appreciated :)
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