EVGA, PNY or Galaxy?

I want to buy a graphic card for my pc and i'm with doubt about what card to buy, i'm thinkin in:

Galaxy - GeForce GT 440 1GB DDR3 ;
PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 1.5GB DDR3 ;
EVGA - GeForce GT 430 1GB GDDR3 ,

My pc informations are:

Mother board: MS- 7525
memory card 4gb
processor: Core Duo E7500 -2,93Ghz
PCI Express x16
power supply: 300W

i want to play games like NFS shift 2 and baseball 2k11, what kind of card would you recommend for me?

thanks already!
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  1. the gt 545 is better than other posted, but if u can spend some more catch the gtx 550 ti ;)
  2. thanks but the gtx 550 the power supply is 400W or greater ......the power supply from my pc is 300W, i don't understand so much about that but, with the configurations that i have with 4gb of memory and 2.9ghz, can i put the 400W?
    or just 300?

    as i saw the DDR5 graphics is 400W or greater , i don't know if that works...
  3. About the PNY - NVIDIA GeForce GT 545 1.5GB DDR3

    The Systetm requirements are:
    Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ processor or higher; Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32- or 64-bit); 2GB RAM; 200MB hard drive space; DVD-ROM drive

    i have Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
    i'ts ok for me?
    pleaseee help!!!!!
  4. If U cant Upgrade Your PSU than Go for 5670 DDR5..
    I Used GT430 and It Just Sucks.
    I Am Currently Using EVGA GTS 450 and It is Good with Antec450 Watt PSU(36Amps)..

    Graphic card workability depends on amps on the 12 V rails of ur PSU,, How much are they?? check on the label of PSU there will b written 12V 1 output and 12v 2 output can b one rail also,, add the amps on both and than multiply them with 12 you will get the Power for GPU eg. 12V 1= 13Amp 12V2 =13 Amp totall = 13+13 X 12=316Watt...
    Now Search cArd

    That PNY 545 require 18Amp If v1+v2=more than 20 than ur Pc will take it.
    If u can go for ATI then Go for 5670 if u dont want to upgrade PSU if u can upgrade
    PSU than buy GTS450.

    Search for the Amp requirement of any card u are looking not The PSU they Say...

    And iif u dont have Bigger LCD than u dont need much graphic Memory . i used 5670 512MB on 1280x1024 and it is enough with 32bit OS.
    go for it if u dont have much money and upgrade PSU if u still remain cash..
  5. Now you got me s9y143, ehehe

    I'm brazilian and i didn't understood what means 12V sorryyyy
    what i saw was :expansion slot was
    1 slot PCI Express x16 para placa de vídeo
    2 slots PCI Express x1
    1 slots PCI

    this is the site that i was watching de configurations:


    My LCD is a HP 19"...HP w1907

    and i just want upgrade my psu only with de graphic card...that ATI that you were talking is that?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/VisionTek+-+ATI+Radeon+HD+5670+2GB+DDR3+PCI+Express+Graphics+Card/2286104.p?id=1218318855420&skuId=2286104&st=ati 5670 &cp=1&lp=3

    The Additional System Requirements is :

    PCI Express-based PC with 1 x16 lane graphics slot on the motherboard; CD-ROM drive

    and my Psu have the PCI Express x16

    so, i can put that card here?......i'm not seeying anything about 300W or more....
    thanks for the patience =D
  6. This I am talking About


    And If u can than Post a Pic of Your Powersupply tag it will b helpfull
  7. And For the PSU if U wana BUy than Buy Antec EA-500
  8. thanks for the tips s9y143
    but i will buy just the card, and what you think about the Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 5670 2GB DDR3 ?

    She needs only 300W power supply, that's what i have, you think that is better than the gt 545?

    thanks again
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