Does computer shut down unexpectedly for mother board problem ?

does computer shut down unexpectedly for mother board problem ? my pc is old & it shut down unexpectedly ... or it is a problem of corrupt operating system ? i suffer the shut down problem mainly near about after 1hour & when i surfing internet ... plzz assist me ...
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  1. Hi :)

    It can be anything...some specs would help...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. It can be just about anything from an unstable / corrupted operating system in which a clean install would fix the problem. But it can so be the power supply, video card, CPU or the motherboard.

    It can also be an overheating issue. If your PC is old, then there could be a lot of dust and dust acts like a heat insulator, not a heat conductor. The first thing to do is to clean the inside of your PC. Then install a program call "Core Temp" (Google it) to monitor the temperature. The operating temp of the CPU varies depending on what CPU you have and what you are doing, but surfing the net on an old CPU shouldn't be any hotter than 50C.

    If your CPU temp is really high even after cleaning the dust, then that means the thermal paste has more or less turned to powder an instead of conducting heat it now acts as a heat insulator. This actually happened to me on a fairly new PC a while ago. I normally use a thermal paste called Arctic Silver 5, but my Tuniq Tower heatsink (for my Intel E6600 CPU) came with it's own thermal paste (TX-1 I think). Everything was fine until about a year later when I noticed the temperature was 70C while idling.

    Since there was hardly any dust in the PC, I suspected it was the TX-1 thermal paste. Removing the heatsink I saw that the paste has turned to powder. I scraped / wiped of that crap and applied a thin layer of good 'ol Arctic Silver 5 and everything was fine again. That happened about 3 years ago and I never had a problem with heat ever since.
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