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I'm using this case with a P8Z68-V LE mobo.

the 3rd 2.0 USB port doesn't work on the front of the case. The 3.0 USB and 2 of the 2.0 USB ports do work, just not that 3rd 2.0 USB port.

I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with that dangling USB connector in the case that I couldn't find a place for... I have all the case connectors connected to the mobo but this one. This one, says 'USB' on it, only it's a tiny 4 pin USB cable instead of 8 like the rest. I can't find anywhere on my mobo that a 4 pin USB cable could go.. Is this the culprit? Would it be ok to somehow attach the 4 pin cable to one of the remaining 8 pin USB slots?
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  1. 4 pins are usually fan power connectors or floppy disk connectors, did the usb cable come with the motherboard or is it part of the case? I'm thinking it might be the power to you front panel usb ports. Can you track the wire to it's source?
  2. All the case cables are pre bundled together and all lead to an upper portion of the case that can only be accessed via many screws and taking things apart such as hot swapable hard drive bay... that would be an ordeal.

    The components in that area of the case house the power/reset buttons, HDD LED, headphone/mic port, 3.0/2.0 USB ports, Fan controller and part of the hot swap hard drive bay.

    Everything is working normally except the very last USB port. Not a major problem or anything, just a little curious.
  3. I have experienced the same problem with the H2 wiring. While I was connected all the cables to the motherboard I came across the 4-pin connector from the top of the case that was NOT labeled. The only place I could see to connect it to was the 4-pin (Speaker,Ground,Ground,+5V) that is located with the pins for the LEDs, Power, and Reset switches. When I did this the computer booted up fine but the 3 USB 2.0 ports began smoking and they were extremely hot to the touch! Once I turned the computer off I began examining the wiring and realized that the unlabeled 4-pin connector wire was flaming hot and the casing was actually melting.

    I called NZXT and they are sending me replacement parts - they were very professional about it. However, they were unable to identify the cause.

    From my observations the external (top) USB board has three wires coming off of it:

    USB: 4-pin (that is unlabeled) -

    USB: 10-1pin (that is labeled USB) - clearly this goes into one of the external USB connection on the motherboard

    MIC\SPK: 10-1pin (that is labeled HD Audio) - clearly this goes into the Audio connection on the motherboard

    In response to some of the other issues people have seen, my power button and reset button worked fine, but I have come to the conclusion that this 4-pin USB connector (that is unlabeled) does not have a connector on my motherboard and it will result in the last USB port not working. Also, i think that because I plugged it into the 4-pin (Speaker,Ground,Ground,+5V) that is located with the pins for the LEDs, Power, and Reset switches, the entire board was getting too much power causing the smoke and heat.

    Anyone find any sense in all of this?
  4. One further thought - I am curious if perhaps the 4-pin connector (that is unlabeled) could actually be connected into the bottom portion of one of the USB 10-1 pin connectors on the board. Maybe because it is only connecting 1 USB port it only needs the 4-pins.....
  5. Wow I am glad I am not the only one that experience this problem! Same thing happened to me. Smoke from the USB port and the cable heated up to the point it melted! I am going to call the manufacturer and see where I am supposed to connect this cable. It does look like it goes in the speaker port on the motherboard. As anyone had any luck or figured it out?
    is a guide to the pins on usb2.0 headers on a mobo, check your manuals for placement of the headers obviously
  7. Like brianlmitchell the PC I am working on is ASUS P8Z68-V LX.

    The NZXT H2 case did not have the left top USB port working after connecting everything up.

    I have removed the top chassis and can see the layout of the sockets and wires.
    The left USB port that is part of a double connector J2 was pulled slightly out of the socket causing the missing connection. The reason for the bad connection was that during manufacture the cables had been routed to tight and the tie wrap had pulled the plug slightly out.

    Top socket module information...
    J1 is right hand USB. 5pin plug with no name/legend (for sockets active one blank)
    J2 is the centre and left hand USB (two wires with USB named plugs on them) for sockets active one blank
    J3 is Audio on lead with two sockets both 10pin for AC97 or AAFP

    My question is how do they expect you to attach the USB 3 (the blue one far left) since this seem to have a thick flat cable with a 20pin (2*10) female sock with the inscription/legend TC&C.
    My motherboard has no male 20 pin socket that I can see ;(

    When I have seen reviews of this case they show a blue wire that goes from the front of the case to an access hole out of the case and back into one of the two USB 3 slots in the rear of the case.

    Hope some of the information here helps others.
  8. townshe6 said:

    USB: 4-pin (that is unlabeled) -

    It needs to be plugged into a spare USB socket on the motherboard.
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