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I've used some time to troubleshoot my own build. The build consists of a Core i7 3770, Corsair Vengeance LP RAM, Seagate Barracuda HDD's and i have several motherboards laying around. The problem i have is that i never get past POST with the motherboards. I've tried replacing the RAM, the motherboard, and i've used both GTX 680 GPU and the onboard GPU, but still no image on the monitor.

After troubleshooting this for a while i came to the thought that the motherboards needed a BIOS-update because it seems that Ivy Bridge processors were not supported by default, but i have no spare CPU to use, and because neither of the two motherboards use the Z77-chipset, i'm thinking of buying a new motherboard that support my processor by default with a Z77-chipset.

Do you guys agree that this seems like a solution that is likely to fix my problem?
If so i am thinking of buying one of ASUS' high-end motherboards!

I appreciate every answer! :)
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  1. Hi, What motherboards have you tested?
  2. The motherboards i've tested are ASUS P8P67 Deluxe and GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD4, with no success.
  3. The P8P67 Deluxe needs the 3207 or newer BIOS version. You can check the boards's BIOS version on a sticker with a barcode on the motherboard (near the 24-pin connector). The last separated 4 digits stand for the board's BIOS version.
    Now, you can replace the BIOS chip (it's on socket). If in US, you can buy one from ASUS eStore In Europe, you'll find BIOS chips with the lastest version on eBay
    Not sure about Gigabyte.
  4. That pretty much prove my theory, thank you!
    I'll go order a new chip :)
    Again, thanks for your time and help!
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