Motherboard causing graphics glitches? ASRock M3A UCC

Already made a thread about this problem in the graphics card section but not getting anywhere really and the only thing I can't rule out is the motherboard and I'm just curious if this could be the mother board causing the problems. Glitches appear as white lines in windows and missing textures in game. Glitches generally build up over time and result in a driver crash and/or BSOD. Problems started after I installed a new 7850 in place of my 5670. Could the 7850 have damaged the motherboard? It is a bit of an odd board apparantly, old chipsets and things I don't fully understand. I dont see what I could've done to damage it but I'm not ruling it out. Have tested CPU, RAM, PSU and both GPUs and I'm yet to find the issue. Clean installs of windows haven't fixed it either although using windows vga driver did seem to stop the crashes but the system ran fine before putting that 7850 in and hasn't been normal since even when I've put the 5670 back in and done a format and clean windows install. Any help or input would be appreciated. Thanks.

White lines:

Original Thread:

CPU Athlon II X255 @ 3.1GHz
Mobo ASRock M3A UCC Up to date BIOS 1.4
RAM 2x2GB Corsair xms3 1333MHz
Graphics Sapphire 512MB 5670 or HIS 2GB 7850
Sound Asus Xonar DG (only have this because of compatibility isses with onboard audio even after disabling it in BIOS)
PSU Corsair CX500
Windows 7 64bit Home SP1

Nothing overclocked.
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  1. Problem is fixed. Replaced motherboard with a ASUS M5A99X EVO and everything is running great again but with the 7850 in.

    Not sure if I damaged the board on the first install of the 7850 (not ruling it out but it seems unlikely as I'm pretty ocd and overly gentle when touchin components and I'm always dressed in the height of anti-static fashion) or if the 7850 damaged the ASRock M3A UCC somehow. There is a very large performance gap between the old ASRock and this new ASUS so I don't know if the card could've asked a bit much of it and damaged it or caused the board to damage itself. Would be interested to read if anyone has feedback on that.
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