NZXT havik on an i3 2100?

got a little buyer happy and bought an $80 havik and completely forgot the i3s barely overclock...really tempted to just take it back and get something else. basically its only purpose is aesthetics...which is a stupid waste of $80 to me. would keep it if i was going to upgrade in the future but im not..this is it for this build
-system specs
i3 2100
8gb ram(overkill but was on sale for $30)
1tb wd black
msi gtx560 ti twin frozr
650watt psu
antec 1100 case
with the nzxt havik cpu cooler
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  1. Yeah, unless you have plans to upgrade to a core i5 soon. There are some great looking $30 out there.

    The AC freezer pro 13 stands out having similar aesthetics:

    Free shipping
  2. What exactly is your question?

    It doesn't make any sense to me, you should have just used the stock fan? $80? I mean a i3 and a $80 cooler, you could just bought a i5.
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