Gigabyte Z77X- UD3H Mouse freeze

Hey all, first off I'm fairly new to building PC's but I've messed with and tinkered around with my laptops a bunch, I'm competent when it comes to drivers and installs and do a fair amount of searching to figure out my problems(if any).

Here's my issue:

Comp specs:
Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
Gigabyte 670 GTX
Team Xtreme Dark Series 8GB DDR3
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD + Samsung F3 1TB 7200 HDD
OCZ Modxstream pro 700W PSU
Haf 912

My mouse has been locking up/freezing up for seconds at a time(Just started last night and honestly I think right after I tried installing some intel 3.0 USB drivers as well as the crappy VIA USB 3.0 drivers)and I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of, completely re-installed windows multiple times, rolled the motherboard bios back to F17(just upgraded to F18 the day before I think)I've taken out my SSD which contains my boot and whatnot, and tried to see if only using the boot disk(Windows 7 Ultimate)would still produce this hang/freezing mouse cursor effect, and it does.

What irks me and makes me so confused is that in my BIOS, the mouse does NOT hang at all, not one single time. I've sat there and test it over and over again, I've took each stick of ram off one at a time and tried testing with those, I've redone drivers a million times(No yellow triangle indicating broke stuff)..

I've tried most ports, but honestly not all, I've tried the back USB3.0 ports, and the front USB(Case ports), this problem did happen before maybe once or twice, but went away and I never noticed it again. Now it's like this all the time.. I even bought a new mouse last night to see if that was the problem(Bought a Logitech G5) Can someone please explain? How do I rid myself of all these drivers, that apparently don't even need the OS to function? Are the drivers on my motherboard and not really having anything to do with the boot drive? If so, how do I fix this.. I swear it's a software problem, or a driver(if these are actually on the MOBO somehow)and if I could just fix it I'd be so happy.. ..

This is my first PC, I've had it a few weeks and everything has been perfect other than this, my mouse is wired, I have installed the mouse drivers, it happens with different mice, the PC itself is not freezing or locking up(Tested by using my keyboard during mouse freezes).. the only thing I haven't tried is unhooking my GPU and running the PC without that, which I think I read could be an issue? But I just.. PLEASE someone please point me in the right direction.

Sorry for the wall of text, please help ..
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  1. How many other usb devices are installed on the system? It may be another usb device that is causing the problem. Also are you using the usb ports below the RJ45 connector?
  2. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled windows multiple times now, I've tried all ports, tried taking my GPU out, I've tried everything I can think of.

    Chalking it up to bad MOBO as of right now..

    To answer your question, none. I've tried a fresh install of window with the drive completely wiped and during the boot disk with the options and whatnot where you can move the mouse, it freezes/hangs. But not in the bios, I just don't get it..
  3. Try in safe mode, if it hangs in safe mode then a motherboard problem ,if not a software problem.
  4. Every USB port causing same issue with your mouse?
    Tried new bios already?
  5. Having same problem on a UD5H. I don't remember when exactly it started, but I think also after the intel 3.0 drivers.. So maybe tonight after work I'll try to go get rid of these drivers (I'm sure if you can get them in you can get them out..) Could it be that there's some conflict with the mouse? Are you also using Wireless Logitech with the Unifying? Because I actually tried my previous Logitech cable mouse and no freezing..
  6. OMG! I have this problem too! I have the UD3H!

    The mouse will freeze very infrequently, like once every 10 minutes or less, and it will freeze for like 1-3 seconds. Nothing else freezes, JUST the mouse. WTF?

    I tried all usb 3.0 ports, and it freezes in all of them. I even have all the USB drivers uninstalled (only the 3.0 ports under the ethernet outlet work without drivers installed), and it STILL freezes.

    what the hell? lol. I'm so annoyed.
  7. Did u also check mouse battery?
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