P67 performance fatal1ty with i5 3750k

First of, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.

I've got a couple of questions. I've read that Ivy Bridge CPUs aren't compatible with p67 motherboards. Is that true? More specifically, are ASRock p67 performance fatal1ty and Intel i5 3750k compatible? And if they aren't, is there any way around it?

I've heard something about flashing your BIOS, but I'm not sure I understand how to do that. Do I flash my BIOS before inserting the new motherboard (p67 performance fatal1ty) or after inserting it? Where do I find the correct BIOS? Can somebody please explain in layman terms?

I'm sorry if it's too much questions, but I'm not exactly savy and I don't want to mess up my first build.
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    The i5 3570k requires the 2.10 BIOS version. That BIOS was released in May 2012. Now, if you buy a board manufactured after that date, the BIOS will most probably support the CPU.
    If not, you would need a supported CPU for entering BIOS and flashing it.
    More info here:
    There you can find the BIOS versions for downloading.
  2. Hi

    You can usually take your motherboard in to a local computer repair shop and have them update the BIOS for a fee ( $50 in my town, better check it out first tho), or you could buy a cheap celeron and update bios from that.

    Have Fun
  3. Thank you both! Much appreciated.
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