CPU Heatsink Upgrade = PC Fails to Start

Okay, so I just upgraded the included AMD CPU cooler to a Coolermaster Hyper TX3. Now, during the removal of the original heatsink, even after letting the computer run for several minutes to heat up the thermal paste, it pulled my CPU off with it. I sat the heatsink on the kitchen floor and took a hair dryer and blew hot air through the heatsink fans for a couple minutes, on low, until the whole thing was pretty warm. Then I gently twisted the CPU from it and it came free without any problem at all.

Cleaned off the CPU face with alcohol and a Q-tip, installed the new cooler, and when I went to start the system up for the test run it did this...it would start and run for a couple seconds, then shut down. Start again on its own, run a couple seconds, shut down. And it would repeat this until I turned the pain power off at the PSU in the back.

Any ideas what the issue could be here? Pretty scary, has me quite nervous.

MB: MSI NF750-G55
CPU: Athlon II X3 435
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  1. One other piece of info- I assumed it was CPU related because of the timing of this happening, but I've been having a lot of problems with my cases power switch lately. It's a push-button for on/off, not like the PSU's flip switch, and I've been having a lot of trouble out of it lately such as having to hit it several times before the PC turns on. Could it now be sticking in the down position?
  2. Did you check for any bent pins before you re-installed it? Also, verify that your memory is firmly seated as well.
  3. Yeah I tried to check for bent pins first but I think I'll uninstall the CPU cooler and CPU and recheck that, and reseat the CPU, when I get home later.
  4. It was indeed a bent pin! I was able to bend it back and have everything back together and running now, and during prime95 stress testing, my CPU only reached 33*C (without overclocking)!
  5. Check it out thoroughly. Hopefully, you are good to go now. Good luck!
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