Motherboard going bad?

I have an Asus M3N78 Pro motherboard, and I believe it might be on its way out. Here's what's happened over the last month:

-RAM slot 4 (fourth farthest from the CPU) stopped working. I tried it with at least three different sticks of RAM with different capacities with no luck.

-One front usb slot also stopped working. All the connections are still there.

-RAM slot 3 stopped working. Same symptoms as slot four.

-Stopped recognizing a hard drive. I have two hard drives, and it stopped recognizing the one which held my operating system. The odd part is, this problem has cleared itself up.

-RAM slot 1 stopped working. (I think I just have bad luck with RAM!)

*CPU-ID still reads that all four slots are working and can sense the RAM in them! But Computer Properties only recognizes 2 of my 8 GB's of RAM!*

I was planning on upgrading my motherboard come Christmas time, but this just gives me more of a reason to do so. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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  1. Looks like a slowly dying board.
  2. What happens if you remove all old RAMs and install the ones you've tested the 4th slot?
  3. Nothing. No matter which RAM sticks I use, only slot 2 works. I tested every piece of RAM in another computer, and they're all working just fine.
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    Then probably a new system is the alternative.
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  6. memtest

    test all your hardware to confirm its just your motherboard

    chances are its a bunch of random faults
  7. I guess so. I just wish this board could last me another month. And if it did, I could've sold it (it cost a ton of money back when I bought it a few years ago!)
  8. It turns out the problem has magically cleared itself up. I'm not 100% trusting of it yet though.

    After running memtest (unsuccesfully), hdtune, and prime95, I came up with these results:

    -Absolutely no memory faults (weird, right?)

    -Spin-up HDD problems detected by hdtune.

    Prime95 actually crashed my computer twice.

    I guess I might be able to make it until December with this thing!

    Thanks for the suggestions Apache!
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