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Gtx 460 PSU PCI-e Connector Problem


I currently own a Cooler Master eXtreme power plus 500W PSU

Now it comes with only one 6 pin connector and the GPU I want to get needs TWO 6 pin connectors.

I read some places that I could use a Molex convertor to 6 pin, this is no problem, but I just wanted to make sure that this will be safe right, converting one to a 6 pin, and using another 6 pin directly from the PUS? My computer wont

rest of comp:
AMD phenom x4 3.4ghz
4gb ddr2
2 hdd 7,200
Hoping for gtx 460

Thanks very much
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  1. Just use the molex adapter that comes with the card.
  2. Okay I understand, thank you.

    I was reading other places and does it matter which port I plug the actual 6 pin and which I plug the conversion one into? since there are two on the GPU.
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    Just plug it in and use it along with the one 6pin cable from your psu. Must be both plugs or it won't work.
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