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How much power does i need for my rig and which one would be the best?


Well im getting a new rig but im still need the PSU. But i want this PSU for a crossfire rig with 2 6950 Twin Frozr 3 but atm i have this:

Processor: Amd Phenom 1100t
Motherboard: M5A97EVO ( Changing this for a 990fx later )
Ram: Kingston 8gb Hyperx Genesis
HHD: Seagate 1 tb 6gb
Video card: 6950 ATI Twin Frozr 3
Cooler: Therlmaltake Frio

And a dvd, and a card reader.

So If i can get any good advice for my rig would be awesome.

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  1. you can get by with a 450 watts on that.

    I'd suggest getting a bit more since you'd want to OC the cpu so 500 watts or more should be fine.

    if you want crossfire in the future, 700 watts or more should be fine.

    Get a psu from a good brand with good reviews if you are looking on newegg.
  2. A high quality 650W PSU should be plenty of power.
    But the 750W class PSUs usually have a more PCI-e power connectors for the dual 6pin PCI-e power leads that each card requires.
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    Yep a high quality 650 or 750W unit would be fine.
  4. minimum catch all would be 550w if you want to add more gfx cards later then add 200w per card (amd)... better to buy a bigger psu now, than having to replace a perfectly good low wattage unit when you want to upgrade.
    dont bother with anything over 850w as you wont need it unless your throwing 3-4gfx cards in.
  5. Well im getting a 750 - 850 watts but which one would be better cause i was reading that Corsair is very sexy on PSU's but i can get for almost the same price a Cooler Master with 100+ watts so this are my options atm:

    1 Cooler Master Silent Pro M 850 w $162
    2 Corsair TX 750 w $154
    3 Cooler Master GX 750 w $121
    4 Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800 w $176
    5 Thermaltake TR2 RX Modular 850 w $176
  6. The only one I would buy out of those is the Corsair TX750! CM PSU's are hit and miss and so is TT
  7. Yep the Corsair is a solid unit.
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