New $1400 Build, Need Advice!

Hey everyone,

Selling the current PC, and building a new one. This will be my first "full" build. I've upgraded my PC quite a few times.

I want to ensure that the parts I've picked will be compatible with each other. If somebody could help me out by clarifying that would be great!

Have to stick with since I get the best prices and the parts I need there. I'm also wondering if the motherboard I chose will fit into the case I picked. Will my GPU's be bottlenecked at all?

Suggestions are welcome!! Thanks in advance to all who help

The build:

ASRock 970 EXTREME (

CPU: I plan on OC'ing this
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T (

Power Supply:
Cougar SX850 Modular 850Watt SLI-Ready (

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600 (

Corsair H80

GPU: (I'm getting two of these for SLI)
MSI Twin-Frozr II GTX 560TI SLI

1TB Hitachi SATA Harddrive (

CD/DVD/BluRay Drive:
ASUS Bluray + DVD+R Combo (

ThermalTake MK-1 Chaser FullTower(

That's the build. Once again, I want to thank anyone who decides to help me out. Can't wait to get the green-light from the community and get these parts shipped!

Much Thanks,

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  1. Pretty good. I'd get a samsung spinpoint though for the hdd.
  2. <----- AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE vs Intel Core i5 2500K benchmarks
  3. As long as he will SLI or Crossfire, there will be no difference between 1090T.....1090T is a great CPU and that was shown with the release of Bulldozer...and as long as programs get advantage of more cores it will be even yes for me It's still a great option... ;)
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