First build computer doesn't work :(

Ok so i got a package from newegg today so i equipped all the computer parts together and it didn't power on but the fans inside the computer spanned for like 1 second. So i kept pressing the power button and there was a little sparkle and burning rubber smell. it turned out that i screwed the motherboard too tight and it was causing the motherboard to sparkle. Now when i power it on, the fans in Graphic card and all the parts seem to work but the monitor screen doesn't display anything and it is just black.. So I checked the cpu and I found out that I broke 2 pins when I removed it awhile ago.. Do you think my desktop will work again if i just replace the cpu with another one?

Also, do you think my motherboard is damaged from screwing it too tight? After i untighted it, all the fans including the videocard spin properly and when i press the button on my dvd burner, it ejects. Does this mean my motherboard is working properly?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. by any chance did you use motherboard spacers? IE. these things

  2. um no i just screwed the motherboard directly to the case......
  3. star293 said:
    um no i just screwed the motherboard directly to the case......

    dude you need those spacers. That's why you saw sparks, you shorted out your motherboard. It cannot come in contact with metal which is what cases are made out of.
  4. thanks! i tested with my old cpu and i placed the spacers and now it works! :D

    I have one more question.

    How often should i apply a new thermal paste to my cpu? Like does thermal paste wear out every 4 months or so?
  5. wow, you are one lucky dude....

    Im in shock thats actually worked if you never put the spacers in :O

    If your CPU has sufficient thermal paste already it wont need any adding for a while.
  7. Actually, i did it as well some time ago lol (when i bought my phenom II rig components, total sum ~600 eur). Didn't even think of using them...
    Luckily, all ended well - i think the mobo has some kind of a short-circuit protection or some such, as it just didn't boot at all without the spacers.

    Good times :)
  8. Hhahahahaha, LUCKY! wow man, your motherboard is Rambo.
    You should reapply thermal paste each 2 years. Each 1 year if you want to have the best possible temperatures.

    I change each year on graphics cards (those heat up a bit more) and 2 years on cpu.

    Damn i still cant belive your motherboard keeps working.
  9. Impressive!
    U should call ur new rig Jesus
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