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Black screen first, now more problems

Hey good folks at tom's!

Got a problem maybe ya'll could help me investigate.

So the problem starts after I download and start playing a new game called Dragons Nest.

I played for maybe 15 minutes and my screen flickers and goes black and says "No signal" (This is a 32" TV not a computer screen FYI)

It happens again after I restart my computer. So I give up and go to play another game I usually play. No problems playing that what so ever, played for many hours that night. I start up Dragons Nest again and boom, 5 mins in, black screen, this time with a looping buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz coming from my speakers. So I downloaded the newest drivers for my geforce 9800gtx+, the problem still happens again!

So then I go and jump on my other game, frustrated with Dragons Nest. And low and behold, that game stalls out about 10 minutes in saying there was an issue with a driver. What's with the progression? What is happening to my hardware? Software?

Do I have to buy a new card?

EDIT: This system has been up and running for 1.5 years, so it's not like it's a new build and im testing out the kinks, i have a 680w PSU and nothing on the hardware has changed.
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  1. That's really weird. When you get the Black screen do you need to restart your PC?
  2. Yea, because it goes to "No Signal" as if I were to unplug the HDMI and only power is being fed to the monitor (Know what I mean?) I shake the mouse and ctrl alt delete etc. I then am forced to re-power on my computer.

    I have a solid computer, asus p5qc mobo, quad core 2.4ghz cpu, 9800gtx+ gpu, 680w psu, 4gigs ddr3, 1tb hdd, and peripherals.

    EDIT: If I have to buy new card, what should I buy? I know the p5qc asus mobo is crappy. But I don't really wanna buy a new mobo if you think I can get by *and by get by i mean get by very well* without a new board and just a new card. I don't wanna spend too much, seeing as the most graphic intensive game I play is WoW, SC2, and D3 when it comes out. Oh I also play battlefield.

    Card suggestions for under 100?
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    perhaps GPU or PSU

    test your hardware
  4. So I did a stress test and nothing happened. Received a score, and that was that. System didn't flicker or shut down, nothin.

    Does this mean it's not a hardware issue?
  5. mines doing the same...... computer spec

    PNY nvidia 9800GT 1gb EE
    ThermalTake TR2-600w psu
    Gigabyte MA780G-UD3H
    AMD 7750 dual core

    (and thats all that really applys to this)

    so ya, anyone can think of something let me know

    P.S. i usually get a blue screen and its a stop error, with a nvllklm.sys or something like that as the file that it points too..
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