Which of these two cases would be the best?

I'm trying to get a really good case for the best price. I like the shape and features of the following two cases:

1. B-Stock Antec DF-30 - $41.00 + shipping
2. New Cooler Master HAF 912 - $49.99 ($10 rebate included)

What I really want is a case with:
~Two front fans and is
~Wide enough for the Hyper 212+ (15.85 cm height) and a side exhaust fan (avg. 2.5cm thick)
~ Or able to fit a Hyper 212+ and Side fan within the same case
~Clear side panel is nice, but [not necessary]

Your opinions and advice is immensely appreciated. :)

EDIT: The DF-30 is from the ANTEC B-Stock. Any past experiences with them? Are the cases totally beat up or what?
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  1. Coolermaster Haf 912
    Personally i prefer the Antec's looks and inclusion of 4 fans.
    The HAF 912 only includes 2 fans.
    Both good cases imo.
    Side fans are used as intakes generally btw.
  2. B-stock indicates the case has cosmetic imperfections like paint defects(not a perfect finish) and maybe some plastic colouring defects(grey instead of black)=that kind of thing.
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