Cannot Access Bio, screen goes black setup


I was using my built pc at a club to do some streaming, for what ever reason I was not getting signal to the monitor so I did something stupid figuring that would resolve my issue.
I kept pressing the power button & resetting the power button out of frustration. I never got it to work as it kept 'NO Signal'

When I arrived home we checked the pc on another monitor and got a signal. However the screen loaded up with errors stating the following:

1.'Asus supply surges detected during previous power on' 2.'ASUS Anti Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit!' 3.'CPU Over voltage Error!' 4.'Please Enter setup to recover BIOS setting' 5.'Press F1 to Run Setup'

So when I hit F1 to to run setup and goes to a black screen and freezes...while this happens the PSU fan still spins as well as the cooling fans. It does this every time I reboot will not go to BIOS screen.

Thus far I have tried cleared the CMOS settings, replaced the battery, disconnected the HD as well as the usbs and reloaded and still black screen after setup....

I have an ASUS P8Z68-V LX MB
Intel i7 2700k cpu
600watt Thermatake PSU
Gigabyte HD 6670 Grapihc Card

I hope I dont need another MB, could it be psu or something else minor hopefully...any help greatly appreciated

BTW: I never overclocked
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  1. You're right about one thing, you did do something stupid.
  2. abekl said:
    You're right about one thing, you did do something stupid.

    I'm assuming you don't have any solutions so apparently you aren't too bright yourself. Especially considering
    I never provided valid reasons for performing functions.
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