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First off, i have attempted to research this topic extensively but have not really been able to come up with a concrete answer. I believe Ive listed all of the necessary details below...

I have a Toshiba Satelite L755-S5308 laptop thats about 1.5 years old. i5-2430M processor. Originally came with DDR3 1333 2x2 gb. I wanted to upgrade this to 8gb. I dont believe i was aware of the fact that RAM had different frequencies when i bought the upgrade, so i bought 2x4 ddr3 1066 sticks. Cheap G-Skill off newegg with tons of reviews, mostly great reviews. I kind of know what im doing but obviously im a noob for the most part. I swapped it out, system info now stated i had 8gb so i thought no more, mission accomplished....

I never went into the bios or anything and checked/adjusted settings.

My computer would randomly shut off. Sometimes no BSOD, just like someone cut the power in the house. It would immediately shut off without warning then turn itself back on and go to the incorrect shut down screen, I would start windows normally and then proceed as normal.

Now, at first, sometimes the comp would appear to freeze instead of shut down, with reddish vertical lines all over the screen, play a weird annoying sound and make me take out the power/battery to get it to shut off. This is how it started...this would happen rarely. This only happened at the beginning, with 10 or less occurrences. Now when it happens it just shuts off, no noise, just shuts off as if the power was cut as i mentioned and then reboots itself automatically just fine.

There is no dust in the laptop, I have opened it up multiple times. Nothing is clogged. Its not overheating (or at least it doesn’t appear to be). It never appears to be very hot. I always have it on a RAIN aluminum monitor stand (which is supposed to cool it a little I believe), connected to two 32” LCD tvs, 1 HDMI, 1 HDMI to usb adapter. I thought I would mention this, but I don’t think this affects anything. The fan appears to be working fine.

This didnt appear to be directly attributable to the ram upgrade at first. The shut downs were rare at first. Maybe like 4 months was the 1st occurrence, maybe sooner, but it was very rare. I didn’t want to mess with trying to return anything and mess with that whole jazz. As time went on it started happening more and more (this was much more closer to 1 yr + though. I assume I no longer have warranty over a year. I play online poker on occasion, and I joined a new site, which causes my laptop to shut down much more frequently than normal it seemed (prior site no issues really from what I remember). Playing now just isn’t possible. Too risky of a shutdown at a bad time, and seemed to be guaranteed after 20-30 mins. Streaming multiple videos also seemed to kick it off. It seemed much more likely to happen if I was stressing the system, but it also has happened with not much running at all. I was on newegg earlier THIS MORNING just browsing products and it shut off on me. No videos, no poker, nothing big, maybe music was on. This wasnt a huge surprise but i was still very annoyed. I was planning to sell to a friend for $300, knowing that he wouldnt use it for anything hardcore at all, but the fact that it shut off like this made me question selling it now.

I thought this problem started before I installed the RAM, but seeming as how it was very rare at the beginning of the issue, I cant really be sure. At some point a good 6 months ago I swapped the old ram back into the computer, but from what I remember the issue happened again. I figured the new ram wasn’t the culprit and put it back in. I maybe only allowed this to happen 1 time, as I was frustrated. Once again, I never messed with the bios or anything at this point. A few months later I researched some more and thought the BIOS maybe have been the culprit. I took out the battery chip and put it back in (all with the new ram ), problem was still there. I assumed the BIOS wasn’t the issue and forgot about it.

I uninstalled a bunch of programs a few days ago, even a few I shouldn’t have (ran into issues, ha, had to reinstall), but this had no effect.

Today, after I bought all new parts for a new desktop in the last few days :pfff: , I decided I would swap the old ram back in this comp (to try it just one more time), then reset the bios (took out the chip and put it back in). Also, I “flashed the bios” with the latest upgraded version from Toshiba. Version 3.6 was what I already had installed, but what the hell right? Forgive me if my language is not exactly correct. Today I also went into control panel, system, advanced system settings, advanced tab, change virtual memory, and set this to 1.5 times my ram installed - 6064 mb currently at old 4gb. This was originaly set at the auto setting and was a little lower but I doubt an issue. The computer has been on for quite a while now, I have opened up damn near every program imaginable, trying to trigger a shut off, but no issues. So, It appears I have found the solution to the problem - new 8gb ram with lower frequency no good.

Its only been 6 hrs or so, so I cant be for sure, but I really think the issue is resolved. Im playing poker on one table, have like 5 others open just to stress the system that im “watching” (not really), word, excel, youtube playing a playlist of music vids, windows media player is playing songs in mute, both 32s are attached, bout 20 chrome windows are open, internet exporer, paint, and I ran a full scan with nortan Symantec during all this which is now over, with no issues. I doubt I have a virus btw, computer runs perfectly fine despite the random computer abrupt shut offs.

Does anyone want to shed light on this issue? Do you think it was faulty ram to begin with, or do you think the lower frequency was what the issue was? I went to the Toshiba website and searched for RAM upgrades, they had 2 models for my exact computer model, both were 1333. I searched google for compatible upgrades and 1333 and 1600 were listed as compatible models. Does this mean 1066 could cause issues such as mine? I never ran into anything that has directly said this. Or was it the fact that I never went into the bios and altered anything after installing the new ram? Did I need to manually adjust something? I kind of want to put the new ram back in and check the bios to see what speed it says it is running at, but I don’t really wanna jepordize what ive got going for me here!

This is more for my computer intelligence I guess as opposed to fixing a problem (as it appears it is already fixed), I’m just trying to figure out what has happened here. I appreciate all comments! Thank you, I appreciate everyone’s help!

Running windows 7 fwiw, original install. Also, was this “upgrade” stupid?; lowering the frequency but increasing the physical memory? What what I have briefly read, the more ram the better, and the difference between 1066 and the 1333 wont be that noticeable.
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  1. It froze on me this morning. Very light internet browsing only. No noise happened, it did not shut down, the computer was just frozen and completely unresponsive. Occurred when I plugged my mouse in to charge.

    I shut it down manually, started it back up, and this time ran through the launch system repair. It prompted me to restore to an earlier point, I declined. It ran for awhile and eventually told me my computer couldnt be fixed. The mouse and keyboard were responsive at this point. I then loaded up windows, and everything was completely unresponsive as it was when it froze earlier. I shut the computer down, took out the power cord, took out the battery, then replaced and booted up. No problems now...
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