Best Video Card for my Case

Well I'm getting tired of not being able to play simple games like Coutner Strike for more than 6 minutes without BSOD.

This is because my Computer is an Acer Aspire M5700 with no video card.

Here is a link to my specs

My case is very crappy (I've tried getting the case to change to another case but no luck)

My motherboard is about 0.5CM from the bottom of my case,

and there is barely any ventallation since this case has only one fan (The CPU Heat sink fan which takes in air) and the PSU fan which blows hot air out of the PSU.

What video card would meet my needs, given that there is basically 0 ventilation in my case.

My power supply is the stock power supply that comes with the comp. I can upgrade it if needed.

My budget is Like $100ish for the Card, not a heavy top notch gamer. Just Counter STrike Source. League of Legends. ect. SC2

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  1. Your board has "One PCI Express® 2.0 x16 slot " so just about any PCIe 2.0 cards you find on Newegg should work fine for you. Order a couple fans while you're at it though otherwise your problem is going to get worse. And for future reference, we don't really care about WEI scores or said information. It's not all that helpful in finding technical specs for your machine. Take a look for a used nVidia 8000 or 9000 series and you should be good to go for cheap. If you want to spring some real bucks on, post back with your further intentions and we can look from there.

    Give us stuff more like this:

    Acer Aspire M5700

    If you are rebate friendly, msi cards are usually pretty solid. I use them nearly exclusively but here's a good one for ~$100
    MSI N450GTS-MD1GD3 GeForce GTS 450

    Zotac has some decent stuff too, I've got one and would buy another, higher end card of theirs:
    ZOTAC ZT-40503-10L GeForce GTS 450
  2. Also make sure you have the power supply need for the card. The acer power supply probably does not come with any 6 pin and definitely no 8 pin connectors.

    So either get a card that doesn't need its own power, or upgrade your psu at the same time.
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