Which motherboard should I get for a future upgrade?

I'm planning on switching over to Intel for my CPU in the near future, as my AMD is bottlenecking pretty hard on BF3 multiplayer. I plan on getting another 560ti eventually, and I want to be able to upgrade to that whenever I want. I was going to get one of these two motherboards but I'm open to other suggestions:

MSI Z77 G45 -
ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 -

Please note I'm in a small budget. I'm also going to buy these from Amazon and buy from the Warehouse Deals they got. Much cheaper on there. I'm going to get a 2500k more than likely and will overclock that to something decent. I've got a CM Hyper 212+.

Thanks in advance.
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    Both will support Crossfire/SLI adequately.

    Would go for the Z77 version of the AsRock board.
  2. I should mention I would prefer to go with MSI as a brand because I like their video cards and I like brand matching. Any big difference between the Z77 from MSI and the Z77 from ASRock?
  3. Two more SATAIII ports and onboard power buttons is the main difference.
  4. The ASRock has those, correct?
  5. Yep
  6. Do you have any experience with MSI's and ASRock's support? Which do you think would be best if the board I get is defective?
  7. Havent owned any MSI products, so I cant say anything about that.
    And so far I havent had any issues with my AsRock board to call customer support about.

    Cant really say either way.
  8. Alright thanks for the help. I think I'll go with MSI though. If the only big difference is the SATA III ports and onboard power buttons then I would rather go for the cheaper of the two. The ASRock Z77 isn't used anywhere and this way I can be brand happy. Best answer for you.
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