Xeon vs i7 for After Effects/HD video editing

Hey guys, i have some noob questions and this may be discussed a bit but based off of today's Intel's Xeon and i7 I am wondering which would be better. I'm planning on building a system in the next few months and I am looking for something under $400 which both CPUs seem to have good offerings on newegg. I am mainly using it for After Effects and general video editing with Premiere so of course render times, live previews, all of that is a huge factor. I like to work with 3D layers and particle effects in After Effects so I'm really looking for something to handle anything I throw at it. Maybe a bit of gaming on the side but that wouldnt be the main use altho it is also a factor. I know a lot of high end editing machines come with Xeon in them but i hear about i7 with HT going a long way. Here are some links to what i am considering.

Also I would like to get a good graphics card that supports Adobe's Mercury playback engine, and I know adobe uses certain nVidia cards to accelerate render times. Would be better to go with an entry level CUDA card or try just a desktop GeForce GTX 5-- or 4-- series? Thanks.

Xeon (I am assuming Westmere is better then Bloomfield?)


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  1. The i7 will be better as it is a newer architecture. Lga1366 was replaced by lga2011, those xeons will be coming out soon but if you're going with a single cpu setup a lga1155 i7 will probably save you some money and you can overclock the "k" version. I7 and xeons have equivalent models so will perform the same, really the only advantage of xeon is if you need ecc ram/other server features or a multi socket setup.

    As for gpu, you'll have to manually add a geforce to the cuda support list on some adobe products but generally will cost less and render faster than a quadro if using gpu acceleration.
  2. Generally for higher performing xeon builds, you will need 4000+ So 2600k for me!
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