AMD x2 - 35c to 84+c in minutes

Hello All,

I am hoping someone can help me, I have a PC (AMD x2 5000+),
with a stock cooler, + new layer of thermal paste. Not over-clocked.

In windows, and in various applications it runs fine, temperature is good (around 32-35c),
even under some types of load (some games, programs, etc).

But when I run certain CPU intensive games or applications, it shuts off, I monitored temperatures while playing, and identified the problem, as soon as a game, or benchmark (I tried prime95 to confirm it was not just a flash issue,) is started, CPU temperature races up constantly, until it reaches 84c then pc shuts down (I assume this is an automatic shutdown). It only takes about 1-2 minutes or less to reach this once something triggers it.

Anyone have any ideas? Case is clean, no dust, I am guessing it is not a regular heating issue/needing better cooler as the regular temperature is fine even under some load, the extent to which it races up makes me think no cooler could cope with it once its decided to meltdown.

So my thinking is, it could be a faulty CPU, or some sort of driver or other error ?, but I may be missing something here, why would some things work fine even under some load, then some things send It crazy, like its just decided to try and run at 10ghz or something.

Thanks :)

Other specs:
CPU: AMDx2 5000+, 1.3v (stepping 2) (AM2)
Mobo: M61PME-S2
OS: Win XP Pro
RAM: 2GB 800Mhz DDR2
GPU: onboard 6150SE
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  1. its the insufficient cooling.
    you might need a new fan.
    very unlikely a cpu will just start overheating for no reason.
  2. What is your case?
  3. i would remove all of the old paste and start over. apply paste to just the cpu and install your cooler, now remove the cooler and check to see if the paste made nice even contact with the cooler. if it looks uneven you might be able to rotate your cooler to match the uneven surfaces together better, hope that helps
  4. Thanks for the replies. Case is an old one.
    I'll try putting a new layer of paste on, if not will look at a new cooler.

    Hopefully that can contain it when it decides to meltdown. Infact got up to 100c+ according to HWmonitor, so thought it must be something else as it gets so hot.

    But I imagine it must be cooler, thanks all.
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