CPU overheating while playing games?

Hi guys im worried about my computers temperature...Every time i play games my computer sounds very loud and the case gets very hot when touch it but when i not playing games, just listening to music or using internet it doesnt sound load and temperature is fine..

Here's a pic of when im not playing games :


But when i play games the GPU temp goes up to 60-70 and the CPU and Core temp goes up to 50+ and computer goes loud and hot...is this really bad? how can i cool it down?

My spec:

AMD 955 black edition with its stock fan and Heat sink
GTX 560 TI
4gb ram
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  1. what case are you using? even at stock speed a cheap heat sink upgrade is a good idea for any gaming computer. the stock cooler sucks and your fan gets loud when it's under load because it's working harder to cool your cpu. your temps are not that bad but i would try a better heat sink just to be on the safe side and maybe get longer life out of your pc.
  2. Use a different software :) Hwmonitor is a good choice.
  3. Well, im thinking of getting this CPU cooler:


    its the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO CPU Cooler

    Will this be good enough??
  4. yep, i read some reviews and for the price that looks like a great choice.
  5. Hyper 212+ or evo would be a better choice.
  6. Deadlee's question "what case are you using?" is dead on (no pun intended :) ).

    No use in changing the CPU fan if the case airflow is poor in the first place... the fact that you said it gets hot to the touch means the heat gets trapped in the case instead of being blown out...
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