Workstation Illumination: Focus on AMD, Dell, and SolidWorks

I have always noted a certain bias for tomshardware and AMD products but this really is a new level.

I guarantee that if your gaming get a radeon solution they have better cards mostly across the board but if you are into Content creation get a NVidia card I repeat get an Nvidia card alot of hardware features are supported on most software that are the Industry standard such as autodesk 3dsmax and Maya I have been into animation for over six years and I suggest anyone buying a workstation to get a Nvidia solution

Please Tomshardware do not plug AMD hardware to cgi artist unless you are you sure they are getting the most hardware capabilities of their money and shame on you
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  1. I have to agree for workstation use then a Nvidia card is called for due to so much software having CUDA support.
    Support for ATI Stream (or whatever they are calling it now) is rather minimal
    I do hope that support for the open standard Open CL becomes standardized in the industry and home fields
    since having different standards isnt helping anybody out (except maybe Nvidia :) )

    But where did you see the offending article or post that you are referring to?
    could you link it?
  2. EDIT: it ws a voice vender from Dell cant seem to find the link check in that section
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