Upgrading motherboard.

Hello all,
So im going to be upgrading my motherboard, well more like replacing it. The one i have not is xfire ready but not sli and I just got a second 480 and was going to sli it then, well you get the idea. Any who i have this board now

and im going to be getting this board

what i wanted to know is, will i need to download the drivers before i swap out the motherboards? or is it a simple plug and play sort of thing, old drivers wont even do anything, the board will run and install the new drivers for me.

or is it going to be more like, re-install ALL of the things. If it does come down to this option, whats the best way to do it, with out losing all my old data?
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  1. The important driver for starting is the SATA one. As both are P67, no issues in loading Windows. As for the other drivers, if there are different components, you will be able to uninstall them and install the new required drives.
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    its a last gen board so i personally would recommend it but if you are content then go for it

    personally i would get this

    this is a bit over your budget but its more future proof and usb 3.0. runs cards at 16/o or 8/8

    for best sli performance this is your best bet as it runs them at 16/8 supports pci-e 3.0, usb 3.0
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  4. Super, tank you very much, The first board you recommended is pretty nice. might be worth it to just say to hell with it and invest in that board, i mean the only thing i can see me upgrading in the future is graphics cards. right now since i have 2 GTX 480 they are equivalent to a single 680 so i wont be needing to do that for a while. but still nice to have. Not really worried about my CPU going out of date, even now running things at full load i never see it go about 30% usage haha.
  5. you are welcome. for drivers i would say uninstall all of your existing motherboard drivers then download new ones directly from the manufacturers website so you can have the latest drivers for your new board.

    personally i run a dual hard drive set up so i basically just install windows and drivers on one hard drive and programs and games on the other so in the event i need to wipe my boot drive i can simply re install windows then install drivers and updates, then go your other hard drive and go into the install file and make a short cut for the application/exe file that launches the program and copy that to your desktop. its incredibly useful and efficient to do things this way. i have reinstalled windows maybe 3 times this year, possibly 4 times and its as simply as installing windows and drivers then do the windows updates and bam, done.

    i only have 4 things installed on my boot drive which are things i usually want to have the last editions of. those programs are ccleaner, vlc, 7zip and antivirus
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