Upgrading a Dell Votro 220

I have a Dell Vostro 220 (not the slim line model just the short fat version.)
I am thinking about doing some upgrades for it, but Dell did its best to try to scare the living crap out of me to get me to buy a new system instead.
Can you upgrade the power supply. I asked Dell support who seemed to be unsure and went with the safe answer of NO.
Has anyone here ever upgraded the power supply on a Dell Vostro 220 and how did it go?
(i am actually thinking of buying a Storm Scout case with a 700 watt power supply built in from newegg)
I need to upgrade the power supply so I can upgrade the graphics card (I am wanting something that can run eyefinity on 3 monitors)

Aslo Dell tells me that 3 GB is the max ram I can use in this sytem even running Windows 7 64bit.
as anyone had any luck getting it to run with more than 4 gigs of RAM? If so what RAM did you use?

The CPU is doing just fine for my needs so I dont really need to upgrade that, and by the time I do need to do a CPU upgrade I will just buy a new system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. From looking at Dell's website, looks like the Vostro 220 uses a standard ATX PSU. It is also specced for up to 4GB of memory. It really looks to me that you can install a standard (I would suggest a modular PSU to keep cable clutter to a minimum) PSU in the system.

    How much is your budget?
  2. How much is your budget?

    As LOW as possible. I have an old ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO I tossed into it and it runs just fine BUT I would like to add a 3rd monitor.
    I have a very limited income at this point and would like to do this as cheaply as possible (also because I am planning to save up for a computer either home-built or from IbuyPower.com

    So am I to assume that it can use any old ATX power supply?
    If so I would hazard a guess that the 700 watt ps that comes with the COOLER MASTER Storm Scout would be a good ps for the upgrade.

    Here's the Newegg page...
    Do you think it would be kosher to just buy that case and toss the innards of my Vostro into that?
    BTW thanks for the quick response.

    PS I am doing this upgrade just a little at a time...
    First the case/power supply. Then a new graphics card. and then a hotswap drive bay. It takes up 2 5.25 bays but gives me 3 hotswap hard drive bays...it will also have 2 DVD burners in it as well.
  3. That is a nice case. This issue with using Dell guts in a standard case is that Dell often uses propietary front panel/USB connectors with their systems. That makes it very difficult to move them into "standard" wired cases. That may not be the case with the Vostro Desktop 220. Just something to be aware of.

    I would suggest you get a PSU like this one and install it into your existing case:

  4. Is the a reason for that specific PS?
    The reason I am asking is the case I am thinking of using comes with a 700 wt PS already.

    One other thing...My sister is needing a new computer as well. Hers is an old slimline model.
    I was thinking of just upgrading my dell just a bit and then just building one from scratch.
    I think what I may end up doing is just upgrade the Dell Vostro 220's PS and adding a video card, then when I get my new box built I would give her the 220, instead of going through the whole rigermarole of putting the guts into a new case.

    Would the PS you suggested work in the Vostro case??
  5. I suggested that PSU if you decided to only upgrade the current Vostro case. Otherwise, you are fine with the case/PSU you are looking at.

    I like you second option of donating the 220 to your system. That is a good plan.
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