CloneCD makes nothing but coasters

I am using the latest version ( 1/5/01) of CloneCD with a Creative CD-RW RW8432E with the latest firmware (1.07). I make nothing but coasters, ever (Get error stating the CD will not read). Eaven copying older audio CD's doesn't work. I have played around with the CloneCD settings, enabled/disabled CD-RW DMA, but nothing seems to work. I have formatted HD and re-installed windows 98 (not SE) and re-installed CloneCD and CD-RW. Going Insane, Please help.


PIII-700 FCPGA - Slot 1 Adapter Card
Luckystar/Boardrunner (BX Mobo) 6ABX2V Ver. 3.1
128 MB PC-2@64 MB)
Herculese Prophet Geforce2 MX - AGP
SB Live Value
56K Winmodem
D-Link 10/100
Creative CDRW 8_4_32 E

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  1. hi eek,i've used clone cd for a while now,have you put a post up at forum ? i had problems with it in the beginning,until i read through all there information sheets again.did you also download "detect" if not that could be your problem,it was mine.when detect is installed fire up put cd in,click detect,when its done its job,click on clone cd on the detect window and it fires up clone cd with required boxs checked,then i had no more coasters.but all this only after reading all the information on the site and updating my yams firmware ( available on site )
    regards waggers
  2. so how did you get on,some feed back would be nice
  3. I am still SOL.

    I posted this on Cloneclinic hardware forum and got some feedback there. I have/had a Zip drive on the same (secondary) IDE Channel that the CD-RW is on and it was suspect that it was the problem. I disconnected it and still have the same problems. My next step will be formating the C:\ drive and re-installing Windows. I will re-download CloneCD and the 1.07 Firmware Upgrade (incase something got corrupted in the last d/l), and not loading Nero. I am not in a big hurry to do this since GameCopyWorld now has a crack for Diablo II 1.04 (the reason I was using CloneCD in the first place). I will post back here and in CloneClinic when I have more.

    I will try this on a CD-R disc with silver dye and see if that makes any difference, but Nero works fine with my blue dye discs so I don't expect any difference.

    Thanks for your help BTW.

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