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Hi guys,

I am currently having some trouble with my CPU overheating, this has happened straight after installing a new 650W PSU and a sapphire radeon 6950, i booted up my PC and checked temps, to my shock each core was at about 90 degrees, so i turned it off straight away, my CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, i know for fact the fan and termal paste are applied and seated properly (i was not having any issues before and i did not touch it) plus the fan is running at normal speeds (4500+ RPM)

Please help and thanks n advance
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  1. Are you sure these temps are accurate? At 90degrees the PC should just shut down thanks to intels built in failsafes.

    What did you use to check temps?

    Try HW monitor.
  2. Your CPU can go up to 71.4°C max, but the individuals cores can go a bit further, however 90C seems to be too much.
  3. i was using HW monitor, should i check in the BIOS, how accurate is that reading?
  4. Sorry got that very wrong, i just realised the H/W is the BIOS one, thats saying 69 degrees but obviously still only in BIOS, not sure which program i was using, any suggestions?
  5. I have it working now, turns out i hadnt really applied the paste to well, which is bizzare because it worked fine as it was before, but either way its sorted now, games looking awesome and whatnot :)
  6. Good...

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