Asus Savertooth Z77, terrible upload/download speed.

So I recently built a new computer with this board and I'm having a really bad issue with my internet speed. On my previous computer I could have 1080p streams running while playing games and talking to friends, I'm still on the same network but now I can't even get 480p videos to load without allowing time to buffer.

I've noticed a lot of other threads everywhere about the same thing but I haven't found a solution to my problem yet, I've disabled their Inetwork control feature because people seem to say it really bogs down speed but I haven't seen a difference from that. I have the lastest Intel Lan drivers. I'm running off a wireless network, and the 2 other computers on it have had no issues, and my previous computer had no issues, I've also tried multiple wireless recievers, and they've all had the same result.

I could really use the help here otherwise I might have to just buy a new NIC and that should be avoidable since its a very new system just built it a couple weeks ago, thanks for any help anyone can bring.
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  1. Nerek,
    I try to download their stuff early morning, like 5 to 6 am EST. and it is slow then but a little faster a evening.
  2. Its not their stuff thats slow sorry, its my internet connection in general, I can't watch HD videos unless I let them load forever. I can't be on a skype call and stream music at the same time.

    The issue isn't downloading Asus software (thought that is slow too). The reason I listed it as Asus is because it contains the onboard NIC and I think that might be part of the issue but I really don't know.
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