Weird Graphic Problem?

I don't know how to explain this, but i'll try. When i'm playing an FPS like Crysis and i look left or right, it seems like some parts of the screen are ahead of others or overlapping a little bit. What is this called and is it normal? I can't record it and show it either. But i did edit this picture to show what it looks like. It's not actually a shot from my computer, but it's looks close enough. I just got this graphics card yesterday. It's a radeon 6870. The effect looks a little like this (though it's less noticable in game.) :

It's not as dramatic as the picture but close enough. It seems like some parts of the screen are ahead of others. But when i stop moving from left to right, the graphics are normal again.
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  1. I just figured out what it's called.. I think it's screen tearing :o. Anyways is this a problem with my graphics card? Like i said i just got it yesterday.
  2. I'm also using HDMI and playing on my 32 inch Sony KDL 32EX500 HDTV, if that makes any difference. The refresh rate of the tv according to CNET is 120Hz.
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