Difference Between 1155 vs 1156 Socket

I currently have a Asus P7P55D Pro 1156 mobo with an Intel i7 870 cpu. I was looking to upgrade to a 2nd generation i7 cpu but I see they use a 1155 socket. Is there anyway that the new i7's will work with my current mobo? thanks.
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  1. No it will not and your current CPU is still a good CPU.
  2. no there different designs... the 1155 cpu wont fit in the 1156 socket and vise versa.
    the only thing they have in common is the spacing for the hsf mount.

    you have a 870 then theres no need to upgrade, the performance gains would be nominal for the money you would have to spend.. especially in gaming you would be lucky to get 2 extra fps on a cpu bound game.
    out side of gaming you may get 7-10 percent gains at stock. so its not a huge leap... stick with what you have until haswell arrives, then you should hopefully see a 50%+(guess) improvment over the top of the line 1156 architecture.
  3. Ok, thanks for the info.
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