Problem with GTS 450 - fan speed

Hello Everyone,

I have recently assembled a new pc. Following are my config: -

intel i5 2400 3.1 ghz
intel dh61ww motherboard
corsair xms3 4 gb ddr3 1600/1333 mhz
Cooler Master 500w PSU

The problem is whenever i play games, my pc get hang. I have checked if my gpu get heated and it touches around 85 degrees plus before the game will get stuck. I recently installed rivatuner, speedfan and xtreme tuner hd software from Galaxy website. One thing i noticed was that the fan speed remains constant even at the temp of 80 degrees+, speedfan is not able to detect my gpu fan - xtreme tuner hd was able to show that the fan speed of my gpu was only 1% increase. Can anyone help me how to increase my fan speed?

PS: - I saw some videos on youtube to increase fan speed, in the video rivatuner was used to increase the fan speed but the same options which was shown in the video was not available in the rivatuner which i had downloaded. Wanted to know if anything i can try to increase the fan speed.
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  1. get MSI after burner and use fan control under settings.
  2. ps3hacker12 said:
    get MSI after burner and use fan control under settings.

    great... will try that...
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