HIS HD 6950 and XFX HD 5570 - Crossfire? Backup Processing?

I have been sporting a HD 5570 for the last few months while I was saving up to replace my HD 5770. I just got a HD 6950 1GB and it rocks(don't think its capable of shader unlock).

The motherboard I am using is the MSI 890FXA-GD65.

My question is:

Is my HD 5570 destined for a drawer somewhere or can I use it in my current build for some kind of a minimal performance boost?

The 5570 doesn't have a crossfire connector/finger on the top but I do have two PCIe x16 slots that operate in x16/x16 when crossfired.

Is there some way to use my 5570 for back up processing? PhysX?

I know in CS4 and newer you can use the processor of some cards as backup processing, is there some way to use this in windows?

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  1. Alas, the 5570 should be quickly sold to some unsuspecting sole who never intends to game, and needs a discrete card, or alternatively, saved as a spare for torubleshooting in the future.
  2. Or you could keep it for backup. The one mistake that a lot of people make is they either sell off what they got when they have to spare or toss it in the bin. If you got a spare then sell to help gain to return value for what you bought but if nothing I wouldn't take my chances.
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