Between 570gtx and HD6970

I have built a second rig for my brother/friends to use and am having a hard time deciding between the two cards. I am a nvidea fan but the dilemma becomes is it worth going to the 6970 for the extra vram or is it better to stick with the 570gtx for cuda, and physics. Im mainly building this rig for BF3.
specs are
First gen Core i5 760 ( oc'd 4ghz )
p7p55 pro
8gb ddr3 1333mhz kingston
kingston v100now ssd 128gb
1tb western digital caviar black 7200rpm
corsair 850tx PSU
Coolermaster Haf 922 chassis
and my old 8800gtx card atm lol

only reason im thinking the 6970 from my understanding in games like crysis 2 ( with high rez and dx11 ), and metro 2033 and soon to be more upcoming demanding titles use 1.3 - 1.7gb of vram and if im using a 570gtx and dont have enough vram it is going to make the game run choppy! im only running 1080p res and i understand most games at the moment only use 1gb or less. My main concern is i want to be able to run bf3 on ( high to very high ) settings and still be able to run at least 4xaa/af
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  1. The GTX570 is faster, and, $40 cheaper.....
  2. At 1080p I would think the 570 should have plenty of ram. From the benchmarks I've looked at the only benefit right now from having more then 1 gig of vram is in very high resolutions. If you think you might add a second display or move to a high rez monitor then consider something with more then 1 gig. The 570 seems to be at an excellent price point right now.
  3. With at least EVGA and Point of View making 2.5GB GTX570s, ATi is the company that requires you to settle for less VRAM. There are many 3GB 580s as well, and several 2GB 560 and 560Tis.
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