Review my budget build (< $600)

So here is what I'm feeling pretty good about right now. I was on a $500, but I figured I could afford to go a few over just to make sure I'm fully satisfied.

XFX Radeon 6950 - $240

G.Skill 8 GB RAM - ~$45

Intel i3 2120 3.3GHz - $140

Gigabyte Z68A - $120

I run my games at 1440x900 and I don't have any intentions of overclocking. Thoughts?
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  1. Dunno if the i3-2120 is worth the extra over an i3-2100 to be honest. You could also get a cheaper graphics card and still destroy anything at 1440x900, a HD 6850 or something would be fine. It's up to you though.
  2. Thanks, i might knock it back to the 2100. Also, on the graphics card, i ultimately decided on the 6950 because it didn't seem to have as many complaints about heat and noise like the 6850 did.
  3. I'd drop back to the 6870 and up the CPU to a i5-2400
  4. The HD 6850 doesn't usually have heat issues, it may have been one particular manufacturer you looked at.
  5. Is this all you need?
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