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Max Resolution for GTX460 is 1366x768. Is this true?

Hi to everyone. Please help. I think there's something wrong because for some reason, I can't see any option for my display to go higher than 1366x768. I know I should have an option to have max res of more than 2+++x1+++. I'm not sure what I did wrong but I did install the video card using the Disc that came with it. I think the problem may lie with the motherboard but I'm not sure. I'm using an MSI 880GM-E43 ( Before I bought the GTX 460, I was using the on board graphics card on this motherboard. I just can't remember if I had to install it or what. Then I didn't do anything with the onboard graphics drivers or what because I did not think that may affect my video card.

What should I do to correct this problem? Should I uninstall the drivers for the onboard graphics card and reinstall the GTX460? Thanks.
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    No, the gtx 460 tops out like every other card out there ress wise like 2560x1200 or something like that. Your monitor though is the limitation.
  2. I don't think it's my monitor. I had a GTX 260 graphics card which had a lot of problems but it was still working. I got a resolution of 1800x1024 if my memory serves me right, while I was using that deffective VC. I think something's causing this issue.
  3. Drivers are known to artificially limit ress in some cases. There isn't much that I can do to help but look elsewhere for similar cases of this happening for solutions. You can try software to create custom resolutions depending on your monitor's ability to display them.
  4. Honestly though bro, the 460 regardless of version is perect for that resolution
    it will allow you to get 45+ FPS with some AA and then some,
    I recently started playing crysis 2 at 720P on my 5770
    I get around 30-35 FPS up to 45 in indoor sceens
    (dx11) ultra settings hi RES pack. NO AA
    It more than playable.
    but to answer that is the screens max resolution and frankly despite what people will tell you, it is more than playable for single player,
  5. Thanks for the info. At least with these answers I can sleep well thinking this may be normal. But I'll still do a little research. I still think I should be able to get a higher resolution... I hope I can. Hehe.
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  7. Could you post a link to your monitor?

    I think the resolution you are thinking of could be 1280*1024.
  8. nforce4max, dude.. You're right. It really seems that the reason why I can't get a higher resolution is because of my monitor's limitation. I just downloaded and installed the Nvidia Control panel which gave me a lot of options for the display. I was able to get options higher than that native resolution and any higher than 1366x768 looks weird.
    I was probably able to select a higher res on the GTX 260 due to the fact that that GPU is actually deffective. Though it's working, it's not working properly (i.e., I don' have any option for a widescreen resolution, and Nvidia control panel can't detect the GPU itself).

    Thanks again dude and thanks to spentshells too for making me feel better about my GPU. HAHA!
  9. Hey Yummerzzz.. You're another genius. I just looked for my monitor and I just read the native resolution for this monitor is really 1366x768.

    Sheeshh.. Now I realize how stupid I am. Hehe..
  10. That is one reasons than I held onto my crt monitors for so long. Some can be toyed with without the image looking bad.
  11. Nah, your not stupid, it's a common mistake, I only found out a few months ago my "1080p(1920x1080)" TV was only 720p(1280x720).
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